Episode 168 Games to Googles

Geek Headlines - Chris Cornell frontman of Soundgarden, Audioslave, and Temple of the Dog has died - Bury your family members remains in space for $2500 - NPD numbers for April hardware sales show Nintendo #1 Geek TV - Youtuve TV has added more networks to its lowest tier - The Witcher is coming to Netflix as a show versus a movie at theaters - Vevo's Apple TV app update makes you feel like you are watching MTV in the 90's Tech w/Tech Dre - Google Home will make hands free calls to US and Canada at no cost - Google has relaunched Device Manager as Find My Device - Android O rumored to be named Android Oreo Break Song - "Be Yourself" by Audioslave Everything Games - Smuggle Craft - First impressions - Overwatch is not on the Nintendo Switch and the game's director explains why - If Nintendo was to make a mobile Zelda what would it be like? - Soldner X- 2 Final Prototype a PS Vita exclusive is like a next gen Gradius - Arms is poised to be Nintendos next "Splatoon" like success - If you missed out on the NES Classic Edition Hyperkin is launching the Retron 1 HD Ending Song - "Shadow On The Sun" by Audioslave Geekly Podcast - Episode 168 Games to Googles


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