Episode 165 The Snarf Awakens

Geek Headlines - 11 year old buys GTA V gets crystal meth also - Sprint launching 5G in 2019 - Hulu TV Tech w/Tech Dre - Microsoft bringing its own Echo competitor with a Cortana powered speaker - Amazon announces Echo Show - Alexa with a touchscreen - Apple just bought popular sleep tracker Geek TV - Contra is being made into a live action movie in China - Wonder Woman final trailer and predictions - Is Marvel making too many TV shows - Agents of Shield - Runaways is coming - Cloak & Dagger - The Gifted - Legion - Dead pool animated by Donald Glover - Netflix shows - Timeless is cancelled by NBC Break Song - "Raising the Bar" by Discrepancies Everything Games - What's everybody playing - Mass Effect franchise is hold for the moment - 2 Metroid games coming for the Switch ? May be announced at E3 - 10 games we would all like to see ported to the Switch - Rime price lowered for the Switch Eshop to $29.99 Geekly Podcast - Episode 165 The Snarf Awakens


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