Will Indies like Blaster Master Zero and Mr Shifty save the Switch ?

I have to say when I first got my Nintendo Switch a month ago the most appealing game at launch was Zelda Breath of the Wild, but after playing the perfect "Horizon Zero Dawn" in February everything has paled in comparison. Now before you ask if I'm nuts I've always been a Zelda fan from afar the only Zelda's that have caught mine attention was Ocarina of Time on the Nintendo 64 and the most recent blockbuster on the Nintendo Switch. But honestly, most of my enjoyment on the Switch has come from playing lesser known indie titles like Blaster Master Zero which is a soft reboot of the original Blaster Master on the NES and is phenomenal by the way.
I think indies will save this generation for the Switch ultimately I can see much indie support from 3rd party smaller studios which to date has kept the PS Vita alive and viable well that and remote play. So now that I've beaten the enjoyable and better than original Blaster Master Zero what should I play until heavy-hitting first party titles come this Spring/Summer like MK8 This month, Arms in June and Splatoon 2 in July? Well I'm glad you ask I have the perfect indie switch title for you to hold you over, which feels a lot like a mix of Nightcrawler meets Hotline Miami with an awesome teleporting mechanic in the gameplay I'm talking about "Mr. Shifty"
These indie titles Blaster Master & Mr. Shifty are satisfying chunks of gaming until the bigger triple AAA games come over the course of the year. So what are you playing on the Switch currently? And do you agree or disagree with Indie's keeping Nintendo afloat until the 3rd party support kicks in? I tell you if these first few indie titles are any indication I think the future looks bright for the Nintendo Switch. Well we know a console generation isn't built on hopes and dreams, but here are hoping these 3rd party studios keep making quality games on the Switch and every platform available, and who knows maybe one of these smaller games may define this generation here's to hope. -Mel


  1. Horizon dawn does not touch Zelda, horizon is not fun at all


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