Episode 136 Stay Geeky & Prosper

Geekly Podcast - Episode 136 Stay Geeky & Prosper Geek Headlines Happy 50th Anniversary to Star Trek Galaxy Note 7 totals a Jeep in Florida Mel Gibson calls Batman V Superman a piece of BLEEP (Who is Mel Gibson again?) Geek TV/Movies Joe Manganiello is officially Deathstroke in the DCU Steve Rogers is Captain America no more ? http://www.slashfilm.com/steve-rogers-is-no-longer-captain-america/ Transformers Combiner Wars on Go90 has gotten really good! Animated Indiana Jones movie coming 9/29th http://geektyrant.com/news/theres-a-fan-made-animated-indiana-jones-film-coming-later-this-month Commercial Break sponsored by Slackers CD's & Game your one stop shop for all your Geeky Needs! http://slackers.com/ Everything Games Everything Zen What's everybody been playing? Star Trek Online first impressions pretty cool Mass Effect lite with a ton of bugs. Rocket League Rumble mode first impressions (Melwheezy) Sony will not allow Mods for Fallout 4 or Skyrim on PS4? PS4 Pro thumbs up or down guys? Modder has made Super Mario Run 64 is this genius or trolling ? NES Emulator to hit Xbox One in the next few days First Super Mario Go now they may be bringing Amiibo support to mobile phones ? Whats games are we looking forward to?


  1. Awesome!!! I feel old I'm 47 and the Star Trek movies are 50. I guess I'm a classic to.


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