Star Trek Beyond Review by Melwheezy *****spoilers*****

First of all, let me say I was a little nervous about a new director "Justin Lin" taking over for the new Star Trek film "Beyond" ......i thought JJ Abrams lens flares and all did a fantastic job with the reboot and "Into Darkness". But with that said many people felt he had dumbed down the franchise too much , with much more action and suspense, I felt just the opposite and that it breathed life into the franchise. Now Beyond is equaled parts bombastic , philosophical and story driven , we start with Captain Kirk trying to make peace with an Alien race that for some reason reminds me of Gremlins, and we comes offering peace in the form of an ancient artifact (which is actually some kind of a biological weapon) & Commander Spock both contemplating the futures outside of the enterprise one albeit a break up and the other just wondering if he will lose himself in the space travels. But neither can tell each other the truth ......the bromance between Spock and Kirk continues.....the crew after a slight break in space are beckoned back into service by a distress signal , the whole time I'm screaming in my head ITS A TRAP!!!!!! Which was the only predictable thing about this movie ? There were some things I loved in this movie i.e. Beautiful & stunning special fx , great line's and chemistry throughout the film, great performances by Karl Urban as Dr. Bones constantly had me cracking up with his dry sense of humor , even made Spock smile and laugh after losing a lot of blood. Also I can't say enough about Sofia Boutella's character "Jaylah" who was one my favorite characters introduced into the Star Trek universe in recent memory , she kicks butt and is good with her hands , and is looking to settle a score with the baddie of the film played by Idris Elba's "Krall", (who is unrecognizable for 95% percent of the film, who we learn he has some interesting motivations for wanting to destroy the USS Federation, which he partially succeeds in. When the crew is later separated from a ship via hijacking and kidnapping , the characters shine with resilience and resolve to save each other, which results in some interesting team up's to save the team Scottie & Jaylah , Dr. Bones, and Spock? And some of the coolest ingenuity fixing and ancient Star Ship and Kirk riding a motorcycle (diversion) as a nod to the first film's action sequence and his father George Kirk played by Chris Hemsworth, who's also rumored to be returning in the next sequel. And there are too classical music scenes that instantly remind of the cool fresh vibe the 2009 reboot had. All in this is probably better than "Into Darkness" but not as groundbreaking and fun as 2009's self titled "Star Trek" , things I didn't like a one note villain in Elba , some things that were thrown in because this is 2016 which were totally unnecessary to me, Uhura and Kirk had fewer lines than in the first 2 films. With that said if they make a 4th Star Trek film with Justin Lin helming as the director it all in, and the ship is in good hands. There are nods to real losses like Leonard Nimoy by this Spock ...(Zachary Quinto) looking at pictures and deciding his space travels are all worth it in the end and all is good in the universe he Kirk leave it unsaid what we all know there are destined to do this forever.


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