Episode 130 "Phat Bards"

Geek Headlines Apple is flush with trillions Apple, tech giants lead $1.6 trillion cash hoard Uncharted 4 sells 2.7 million copies the first week of release , is this now a system seller ? No Mans Sky is delayed until August 9th Geek TV/Movies Early Box Office on Xmen Apocolypse Warcraft early reviews aren't very good ,what was the best video game movie made to date? New Animated Movie to focus on Miles Morales Spiderman Mallrats 2 is happening Interview with local video game music artist "Fat Bard" Everything Games/Zen What's Everyone Playing? 1 year anniversary of Splatoon being celebrated in Japan with fan art and a Wii U Bundle Halo 5 releases the dogs on Tuesday 5/31 TMNT Mutants and Manhattan got a 3 on polygon, 45 on Metacritic sounds like wait for it goes on sale kinda game T-Pain twitch stream of Overwatch is dope bruh auto tune not included Overwatch got a 9.4 on IGN Overwatch is a solid 91 on Metacritic Samsung is celebrating the 3rd anniversary of the popular mobile game Injustice with limited edition Galaxy S7 Batman edition phone

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