E3 Snarftacular

@melwheezy with special guest's @chasebunker & @authentic_gamer Breakdown this week's past E3 gaming announcements. Chase Bunker is a Comedian, Writer, Good Guy. Host of the Youtube Channel ThatNewShow, and Podcast ThatGameShow. Avid sports fan and gamer. @chasebunker Michael Lasky editor & chief of theauthenticgamer.com the authentic gamer @authentic_gamer Xbox went first Xbox trivia was the original Xbox code named? Titanfall 2 looks awesome , with a true campaign and more animations and a grapple hook! Playstation press conference What was the original playstation one code name? My favorite's were Spider-Man , Horizon Zero Dawn Days Gone looks Walking Dead meets last of us? Do we care about a VR Batman or Fallout in VR? Nintendo That Zelda Breath of the Wild tho!!!!! Who won E3?

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