Batman V Superman "Dawn of Justice" review (Spoilers)

So where do i begin ? Was BVS/DOJ a good film , a bad film or somewhere in between? Well i think the devil's in the detail's, i think it was a good film but not great . They portrayed Batman as a brutal punisher like vigilante who kills and uses guns (seriously?), Superman as a little darker than his comic counterpart, and Wonder Woman was just a bad mama jama(the best part of the film)! I had no problem with any of the acting except for Jesse Eisenberg's "Luthor", which was a campy over the top mess.....the movie confirmed what we knew from the trailer his performance feels like he is in a totally different film, kinda like Jada Pinkett Smith's character on Gotham just completely tonally wrong. For a serious comic book romp (that borrowed heavily from Dark Knight Returns, Death of Superman, and Trinity comic storylines) that was BVS DOJ , Eisenberg's campy portrayal felt really out of place. The movie opened with Batman's origin story for the 4th time on film (sheesh did we really need that again?) almost as bad as those terrible flashbacks on Arrow (don't get me started). And get to see an older broken brutal Dark Knight who plays for keeps and who is really terrifying like horror movie terrifying. We see Superman doing his dual role as Clark Kent/Kal El and asking questioning about the brooding vigilante in the sister city (Gotham) who brands criminals like cattle ...that's not a typo I can't remember Batman ever doing this from the comic but fine ok lets roll with it , and he uses guns and kills, yeah he's pretty much the villain the first half of the movie, and decides in the aftermath of MOS big battle of Supes Vs General Zod, that Superman can't be trusted and needs to be put down, so he seeks out the alien Kryptonian mineral a.k.a Kryptonite to level the playing field , during their first encounter when Batman is chasing Lex's goons a run-in with Superman doesn't end well, with Superman telling Batman the bat is dead when the signal goes up ignore so at that point forward they are bound to have a huge showdown in between this showdown, Lex is trying to convince a Senator (Holly Hunt) played with great poise and acting unlike Eisenberg is trying to convince them let him import said kryptonite from the Indian Ocean to weaponize in case Superman does turn against mankind , this all stemmed from secret mission Lois Lane (Amy Adams) went undercover and almost got killed which caused Superman to show up and save her in typical fashion, but the collateral damage of the village which was staged by Luthor and pinned on Superman really caused the public to think if he really is friend or foe. In the meantime , we also see flashes of the new Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) who really shines in her small cameo-esque role but man was she awesome for a few scenes. We also see glimpses via a stolen file drive Lex Luthor other meta-human members of the yet to be formed Justice League, Cyborg , The Flash & Aquaman was it needed ? No. Was it completely friggin awesome? YES!!!! They are obviously setting up the upcoming Justice League film , while the first half did feel a little jumbled and scatter brained writing, that last hour which gave us Batman VS Superman fight scene , Batman saving Martha Kent (Never realized until last night the parallels between Clark & Bruce both orphans and both had mothers named "Martha" who knew?), The Trinity on screen, (Superman,Wonder Woman , Batman) The Final showdown with Doomsday and a perfect homage to the comics, and some of the best moments of the film! Im not saying its the best movie ever....but if you love DC there's alot to :-). Now about that Justice League movie.....see you guys at the movies in 2017. -Melwheezy


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