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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Episode 113 "Glenn's 99 Red Balloons"

Host: Melwheezy , (Xbox LIVE Melwheezy (Twitter) @melwheezy Guest host Johnny Boy of Day One Game cast @DayOneCast Geek Headlines Sony has sold 30 million PS4's since launch 2 years ago. New Podcast "The Message " is #1 podcast in ITunes Geek TV Captain America Civil War trailer We finally see my boy Black Panther in the MCU! Jessica Jones Impressions David Tennant is busy these days with TMNT as fugitoid and Kilgrave on "Jessica Jones" Walking Dead recap Glenn is alive but for how long ? Everything Games/Everything Zen What's everybody been playing ? Halo 5 Star Wars Battlefront Super Star Wars Free games for Xbox Live & PlayStation Plus for December What's your next big game purchase ?
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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Episode 112 "Into the Void"

Geek TV The new Star Trek will be behind a paywall with CBS Access Warcraft movie trailer impressions will this be Star Wars International trailer Interview with local indie game developer Void Softworks Everything Games What's everybody been on playing ? Halo 5 impressions Titanfall coming to mobile platforms in 2016 Can the new Apple TV push gaming to new heights? d_jedi1 collectibles Hot Toys Captain Phasma [$249.99] Lightsaber Chopsticks [about $13.00] Master Bling [$34k] Tech w/Tech Dre LTE-U a hurricane that could blow WIFI away Google to follow Apples footsteps and start designing their own chips Local Motors has all new 3D printed car design
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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Episode 111 "The Good, The Bad, The not so Ugly"

Episode 111 of @GPodcastdotcom with special guest @craiggles_D @melwheezy Geek Headlines Activision buys Candy Crush for 5.9 billion? Activision announces TV/Movie Line Halo 5 grosses 500 million in revenue the first week. Geek Comics James Bond 007 review Back to the future review Geek TV Star Wars International Trailer World of Warcraft movie teaser (and it doesn't suck) Walking Dead season 6 recap (Is Glenn alive?) Closing song "Mad World" by Post Modern Jukebox Go buy their new album here! And subscribe to them on YouTube And like them on Facebook
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The Martian special episode

Host: Melwheezy , (Xbox LIVE Melwheezy (Twitter) @melwheezy Co-host :TechDre (Twitter) @Geekly_Tech_Dre Co-host : D_Jedi1 (PSN) (Twitter) @d_jedi1 E-mail @melwheezy & @geekly_tech_dre discuss "The Martian"
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