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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Martian review

This movie is in the same vein of recent space survival sci fi flicks like Gravity, Interstellar.
Good cast check ✅ good visual effects check ✅ random old hit songs ✅.
This was based on newcomer author Andy Weir's book " The Martian ".
This movie starts with a space expedition on Mars and a man being left behind during a sand storm. Mark Watney played perfectly by Matt Damon, is the astronaut left behind but thought to be dead .But we soon find out this botanist turned MacGyver, is harder to kill than Bruce Willis.
The rest of the cast rounded out by current "it" supporting actor Michael Pena who now is in 2 of my favorite films this year , Ant-Man & The Martian. Jessica Chastain as the leader of the group , her and Matt Damon were also in the last years visual spectacle " Interstellar" they must really love outer space , also Kate Mara who must be thanking herself for being at least one suceessful movie this year . Jeff Daniels plays a real jerk  who works for NASA , and frequently argues with Sean Bean's character  ( who must just be happy he didn't die like he does in every movie ) and the charming Chiwetel Ejiofor about the proper way to handle this PR wise and practically , and who does damage control once it's widely known , that NASA left a man behind on Mars , who is presumed to be dead. But we see the  true mettle of a man , who uses everything in his environment to build a sustainable ecosystem , and actually grows potatoes with Mars soil , and some real crap ( literally) at his disposal , who knew ? But for every triumph there's setbacks , like nearly blowing himself up trying to reverse engineer H20 with mixed results , there is also some real good dry humor, think Tom Hanks in castaway type interplay .
I can't really compare this with book since I've only read nearly 100 pages of it , but I feel confident that neither the movie or book is a waste of time. This feel good movie is a little bit long at 144 minutes , but never boring or uninteresting . The media's fixation or fascination with bringing harpooned astronaut Watney home feels oddly familiar . And China saving the day seems very fitting after NASA carelessly fumbled there first attempt . Go watch this movie it's definitely worth the price of admission . Honorable mention to Donald Glover's character  for being a genius to figure how to rescue Mark Watney. The future lies Space travel.

RNDM a genre bending album by Mega Ran

First off I think every artist is capable of making one or more classic albums .
RNDM should exist next to many classic albums by phenomenal artists  (insert any modern hip hop classic ) . 
From the wishful and hopefully triumphant "Same as it ever was" with a classy piano number.To the bit tune anthem smash "Infinite Lives" that bemoans the timelessness of good music.
The sweet but all too short "Introvert Bars"  which I would kill for an extended version of this agoraphobic ditty , I love it. And the song that should be everyone's favorite song "Your Favorite Song" just a super chill mellow super catchy jam. And the ultimately one of most heartfelt tracks "The Meeting" which reminded me of so many Eminem tracks where he talks to himself and says honest things that the other persona "Random" knows deep down needs to be said, another very solid track on RNDM. Solid hype track "OP" thats Over powered with a kinetic beat and rapid fire bars from Ran to Richie Branson , and a awesome hook from Storyville definitely a standout on RNDM. Most recent single/track " Laughin at Ya " with a message of keep doin you till they feel you and you never how things will turn out. The emotional and very personal " A Poet" with a decent beat but a very powerful message this will pull at your heart strings . The fitting Mighty # 9 track from the upcoming spiritual successor to Mega Man , who was the inspiration for Mega Ran .
To the hood ready story of loss " losses". While their are a few misses on RNDM , this is the most rounded , reflective and experimental album to date from MegaRan , it's a solid 9/10 for me . Go get it now so we can hear more Random vs Mega Ran tracks . 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Episode 110 "Из России с любовью"

Host: Melwheezy , (Xbox LIVE Melwheezy (Twitter) @melwheezy Co-host :TechDre (Twitter) @Geekly_Tech_Dre Co-host : D_Jedi1 (PSN) (Twitter) @d_jedi1 E-mail Geek Headlines Real Life superhero comes out of retirement to save guys life Kanye complains about in app micro transactions on IOS kids games after his wife's game is filled with them 10 year old girl kills gator with her friggin sweet crossbow Geek TV & Movies What everybody been watching ? Terminator Genisys re-hash Daniel Craig says he would rather slash his wrists than play Bond again so is Spectre is now a must see since this is probably his last Bond film ?? Break Song Mega Ran” Laughing At Ya” Appears on the album "RNDM" Everything games / everything zen What's everybody been playing ?? Phil Spencer acknowledges Sonys huge lead and insure if Xbox can catch them Halo 5 is rumored to be a 60 gig download Playstation 4 games under $20 Playstation 4 drops to $349 in U.S. Star Wars Battlefront sacrificed resolution for framerate Djedis Collectibles Big Chief Ninth Doctor Doctor Who TARDIS LEGO Silicone Finger Guards Tech with TechDre The best IOS podcast app is now completely free "Overcast" Lights L16 camera challenges DSLR’s 5G Technology already being tested for the next wave of mobile broadband
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