Episode 113 "Glenn's 99 Red Balloons"

Host: Melwheezy , (Xbox LIVE Melwheezy (Twitter) @melwheezy Guest host Johnny Boy of Day One Game cast @DayOneCast http://dayonegamecast.com/ Geek Headlines Sony has sold 30 million PS4's since launch 2 years ago. New Podcast "The Message " is #1 podcast in ITunes Geek TV Captain America Civil War trailer We finally see my boy Black Panther in the MCU! Jessica Jones Impressions David Tennant is busy these days with TMNT as fugitoid and Kilgrave on "Jessica Jones" Walking Dead recap Glenn is alive but for how long ? Everything Games/Everything Zen What's everybody been playing ? Halo 5 Star Wars Battlefront Super Star Wars Free games for Xbox Live & PlayStation Plus for December What's your next big game purchase ?
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