Episode 112 "Into the Void"

Geek TV The new Star Trek will be behind a paywall with CBS Access Warcraft movie trailer impressions will this be Star Wars International trailer Interview with local indie game developer Void Softworks http://www.voidsoftworks.com Everything Games What's everybody been on playing ? Halo 5 impressions Titanfall coming to mobile platforms in 2016 Can the new Apple TV push gaming to new heights? d_jedi1 collectibles Hot Toys Captain Phasma [$249.99] http://www.sideshowtoy.com/collectibles/star-wars-captain-phasma-hot-toys-902582/ Lightsaber Chopsticks [about $13.00] Master Bling [$34k] Tech w/Tech Dre LTE-U a hurricane that could blow WIFI away Google to follow Apples footsteps and start designing their own chips Local Motors has all new 3D printed car design
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