RNDM a genre bending album by Mega Ran

First off I think every artist is capable of making one or more classic albums .
RNDM should exist next to many classic albums by phenomenal artists  (insert any modern hip hop classic ) . 
From the wishful and hopefully triumphant "Same as it ever was" with a classy piano number.To the bit tune anthem smash "Infinite Lives" that bemoans the timelessness of good music.
The sweet but all too short "Introvert Bars"  which I would kill for an extended version of this agoraphobic ditty , I love it. And the song that should be everyone's favorite song "Your Favorite Song" just a super chill mellow super catchy jam. And the ultimately one of most heartfelt tracks "The Meeting" which reminded me of so many Eminem tracks where he talks to himself and says honest things that the other persona "Random" knows deep down needs to be said, another very solid track on RNDM. Solid hype track "OP" thats Over powered with a kinetic beat and rapid fire bars from Ran to Richie Branson , and a awesome hook from Storyville definitely a standout on RNDM. Most recent single/track " Laughin at Ya " with a message of keep doin you till they feel you and you never how things will turn out. The emotional and very personal " A Poet" with a decent beat but a very powerful message this will pull at your heart strings . The fitting Mighty # 9 track from the upcoming spiritual successor to Mega Man , who was the inspiration for Mega Ran .
To the hood ready story of loss " losses". While their are a few misses on RNDM , this is the most rounded , reflective and experimental album to date from MegaRan , it's a solid 9/10 for me . Go get it now so we can hear more Random vs Mega Ran tracks . 


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