Episode 104 Im crazy gimme the keys

Geek Headlines Donald Trump says "I'm Batman " Real life Batman dies in car crash Guy tries to rob store with a sword Geek TV & Movies TechDre reviews MI Rogue Nation Drew Struzan says the force awakens is the Best Star Wars movie ever ! Everything Games Everything Zen Madden the movie ! Destiny Taken King Darth Vader ps4 & Super Star Wars coming to Playstation near you Do we need a steam boy mobile console ? Djedis Collectibles Il Buono [$138.99] http://www.monkeydepot.com/Boxed_Figure_Redman_The_Cowboy_G_RM007_p/rm0008.htm Il Brutto [$138.99] http://www.monkeydepot.com/Boxed_Figure_Redman_The_Cowboy_U_RM009_p/rm0007.htm Il Cattivo [$138.99] http://www.monkeydepot.com/Boxed_Figure_Redman_The_Cowboy_B_RM008_p/rm0009.htm Tech with TechDre Google is trying their hand in the WiFi router business Intel’s USB Type-C Thunderbolt 3 could turn any laptop into a graphical powerhouse Major League Baseball bans Apple Watch
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