Episode 89 Lifes an Anime

Host: Melwheezy , (Xbox LIVE Melwheezy
(Twitter) @melwheezy
Co-host :TechDre (Twitter) @Geekly_Tech_Dre
Co-host : D_jedi1 (PSN) (Twitter) @d_jedi1
E-mail geeklypodcast@gmail.com

Geek Headlines
- Spotify now available on Playstation
- Jay Z's music service Tidal relaunches with a $9.99 a month tier
- Deadpool's costume revealed
- Sony buys On-Live
- Move over Puffy and Jay Z, Marvel announces its own fashion line!
- Mortal Kombat X producer leaves Twitter

Geek TV
- Furious 7 Review
- Walking Dead : Season Finale

Interview - Jeremy Johnson Chairman of "Anime STL" AnimeSTL.net April 17th-19th 2015

Break - "Lifes a Game" by Soul Veggies

Everything Games
- Whats everybody playing?
- Marvel Might Heroes by DeNA
- Forza Fast & Furious DLC for Xbox One
- Halo 5 extended trail with release date
- Star Wars Rebels is coming to Zen Pinball on PS4
- Big month for free games on Xbox Live and PSN

Tech w/Tech Dre
- Is Tidal music streaming service really all that good?
- You will need a reservation to buy an Apple Watch in store
- Turn any TV into a Chrome PC for under $100
- Microsoft announces Surface 3 running full Windows and drops RT

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