Throwback classic review of DLC for "Enslaved" Pigsy Perfect 10 by KG (This really deserves a HD remaster on next gen!)

I know that in the past I've made my point clear about how I feel with games that nickel and dime you with add on's that aren't included when you originally purchase the game.  However when it came to Enslaved, I decided to go ahead and take the plunge.  Why is that?  Because I really did enjoy the original game. 

I got it used for $10 at Gamestop, during a time when I was trying to build up my PS3 library for really cheap.  The story and game play kept me playing all the way to the end.  I thought it was well worth the $10 I spent buying it.  However there was something more this game offered.  For a mere $5 more, I can unlock this prequel to Enslaved and play it as well.  After my experience with the main game, I thought this was worth the money to go ahead and do it.

Did I make the right decision?  Was it good?  Is it worth the $5?

The $5 gets you something else then just Pigsy's Perfect 10.  It also gets you the ability to play the main game and this prequel in 3D provided you have a 3D TV.  This was a complete surprise to me.  There is an extensive setup tool in the options so that you can get the most out of this feature.  Sadly I do not own a 3D TV but for the people that do, this is an added perk for them.

So lets get into this game.  Pigsy controls differently then Monkey.  First of all he has a sniper gun used to blast mechs apart.  Plus he also as four different mines at his disposal.  One for distracting, one for stunning, one used as a bomb and my personal favorite, one he can use to take control of enemy mechs to do his fighting for him.  This brings a welcome change to the control scheme that I liked.  There is nothing more satisfying then taking control of a bunch of mechs and having them lay waste on the other mechs around them.  There were also some puzzle elements in the game as well.  There are some places where you have to go from point A to point B but have a whole bunch of enemies in front of you to deal with.  So the question is, what is the best way to deal with them for you to continue on with your quest?  The wrong decision can lead to your quick death and unfortunately, unlike Monkey, Pigsy can't handle direct mech attacks at all.  Just two or three hits and Pigsy is toast.  I found these points quite challenging and a whole lot of fun figuring them out.  The challenge of the adventure is easily one of the reasons why I kept playing to the very end.  It's just right, not overly hard but no way is it easy either.

That's good because the story and the same environments over and over again will no way win players over.  Pigsy does not leave the mech junkyard at all during this whole adventure and I was really disappointed that the opportunity to really get to know Pigsy was not explored here.  It was a wasted opportunity.  In the main game we got to know Monkey and Trip on a personal level.  We knew about their pasts and their family's and what happened to them.  Instead here we are left with an adventure that really isn't all that interesting and even though things change in the middle of the game, it doesn't do enough to get your attention.  There are even attempts at emotional sad moments that come up once in a while.  However unfortunately those fail to hit you the way they are supposed to.  And then at the end, it just falls flat and it really shouldn't with an ending like that.  Seriously at the end of this game I said to myself:  "Well at least the combat was fun". 

The whole game has more of a lively and happier atmosphere to it which is a huge departure from the main game.  Also Pigsy has his one liners that are more miss then hit.  I think I had just one genuine laugh during my entire time with this game.  Gone are the shocking sayings from the main game he had and here he is more subdued and family friendly with his speech.  The trophy's in this add on aren't all that hard to get.  I personally got all of them except for one.

Bottom Line:
This add on is worth the $5.  You get a few hours of game play out of it and you will also get the ability to play both games in 3D if you have the hardware for it.   However everyone's enjoyment of this game will be different.  Did you LOVE the first game?  Then by all means get it.  However if you thought the main game was just OK and didn't bother to collect much trophies or try it again on a higher difficulty, then playing this adventure may not hold your interest much.  I can easily see that for some people this will be quite a boring adventure.

Did I like it?  Yeah I did.  I don't regret my purchase since I did have a few hours of fun with it.  However I was quite disappointed with it's shortcomings.

I give Pigsy's Perfect 10 a 2.5 out of 5 stars.  For the record I would give the main Enslaved game at 3.5 to 4 star rating out of 5 as a point of reference.


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