Episode 82 Spotified Superbowl is Jurassic

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Episode 82 Spotified Superbowl is Jurassic

Geek Headlines
- Spotify is coming to Playstation this spring
- Jay-Z is buying Spotify rival Tidal for $56 Million
- Superbowl commercials our top 3

Geek TV/Movies
- Fantastic 4 Trailer
- Fast and Furious 7 Trailer
- Jurassic World Trailer
- Terminator Genisys Trailer

Break Song - "React" by Soul Veggies

Everything Games
- Tales of Borderlands impressions
- Life is Strange impressios
- Read "Anonymous" review of Dying Light
- Nintendo wins Metacritic Annual Game Publisher Rankings
- More Lego games coming
- Battlefield Hardline beta starts on 2/3/15
- Is Resistance coming to the PS4
- Nintendo gamers can now get paid for their YouTube gameplay videos
- Ouya continues to stay alive with a new $10 million investment

Tech w/Tech Dre
- Apple Pay coming to vending machines and parking meters
- Apple has caught up to Samsung in shipments of smartphones
- Possible leaked pics of HTC's next flagship show a beautifully crafted phone
- Delaware becomes 2nd state after Iowa to want to make drivers license digital

Closing song - "Critical Hit' by Fat Kneel

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