Episode 81 Delvers Dropping on MySpace

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Episode 81 Delvers Dropping on MySpace

Geek Headlines
- Top selling Playstation store games of 2014
- The guys who hacked PSN got hacked

Geek TV/Movies
- Gotham "What the Little Bird Told Him"
- The Flash "Revenge of the Rogues"
- Arrow "Left Behind"
- Amazon plans to release 12 movies a year in theaters and on Prime

Everything Games
- Delvers Drop impressions
- Borderland 2 & Pre Sequel coming to PS4 in March
- Madden Mobile
- Player figures out where the last city on earth is in Destiny
- Most anticipated games of 2015
- Man dies after 3 day online gaming binge

Tech w/Tech Dre
- Missouri lawmaker want to make Apple Pay less convenient
- Walmart quietly launches a streaming stick of their own
- Is MySpace making a comeback as no one notices
- Pro Tools to soon launch a free version
- Google to possibly start its own mobile phone service call NOVA

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