Episode 79 my brother could'nt think of a name for 79

Geek Headlines

The future of TV has arrived with Sling TV $20 month coming this year

Playstation Now is gonna be a subscription service starting on 1/13/15

Batman v Superman is rumored to be broken into 2 parts

Deadpool will die in 2015?First Wolverine now DP?

Geek TV & Movies

Agent Carter premiere

Dr Who-Last Xmas.

Gotham midseason premiere no Bruce Wayne?

Ant-Man full trailer

Jupiter Ascending trailer

Geekly Podcast comic of the week “Mega Ran”

Break Song-Knife Party-Fire Hive

Everything Games/Everything Zen

Xbox One gets a little more powerful but will it help

Flappy Bird Arcade machine

What is everybody playing?

Shovel Knight on Wii U is good classic nintendoing!

NidHogg is 8 bit fun for days.

Halo 5 beta impressions

Djedi’s Collectibles
“CIA Agent” (Taken) figure (Unlicensed)[$117.99]
“Weapons Expert” (Lucious Fox) figure (Unlicensed)[$109.99]
though, I’d rather buy the OTHER unlicensed Lucious Fox figure… as it has a better head-sculpt.
“Weapons Advisor” (Lucious Fox) figure (Unlicensed)[$124.99]

Tech w/TechDre

Nvidia Tegra X1 first mobile processor with a Teraflop of power

USB Type C is this beginning of a new era in connectors

Intels Compute stick puts Windows 8.1 on your TV

4K is 2015 the year to adopt this new standard

MP3 File


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