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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Episode 76 Star Wars Venting

Episode 76

Geek Headlines

Star Wars Episode 7 trailer breakdown

Geekly Podcast TV/Movies

Flash Episode 7 “Power Outage”

Gotham mid-season finale “Lovecraft”

Star Wars Rebels

Interstellar prequel comic on
Revealed: The Lost Chapter of Interstellar

Mockingjay review propaganda,propaganda ,propaganda

Break Song - Mega Ran-Venting

Everything Games/Everything Zen

Hunger Games Panem Rising on Android/IOS

Super Smash Bro’s Wii U

When games are rushed who’s to blame?

Playstation store gets discount code feature for PS4, PS3, and PSvita.

Sony working on a new AAA Vita title, could this be another Uncharted game? Or may be it finally be a new Infamous on vita?


WhatsApp now provides end to end encryption for your messages

You can now send cash via Snap Chat

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Episode 74 Interstellar Limitless Streaming

Host: Melwheezy , (Xbox LIVE Melwheezy
(Twitter) @melwheezy
Co-host :TechDre (Twitter) @Geekly_Tech_Dre
Co-host : D_jedi1 (PSN) (Twitter) @d_jedi1

Geek Headlines
- The most streamed song of 2013 only made the artist $4k I'm just saying was Taylor Swift on to something when she yanked her music from Spotify.
- Star Wars 7 The Force Awakens is new title and shooting is finished
- Star Wars Battlefront updates
- Jared Leto to possibly be next Joker

Geek TV/Movies
- Dr. Who Season Finale part 1 "Dark Water"
- Gotham - noticed same actor playing a villain on Gotham was also the villain last week on The Flash another DC tv series
- Limitless TV show in the works
- Interstellar movie review by Melwheezy

Break Song - "Interstellar" by SovStep

Mega Ran - Kickstarter Promo

Everything Games
- Interstellar mobile game app review by Melwheezy
-Destiny DLC coming in December
- Halo "Master Chief Collection" will have 450 achievements

Djedi1's Collectibles
- "Film Scale" Serenity replica by QMX
- Doctor Who "Flatline" Siege-Mode Tardis
- Legend of Zelda style Ocarina (Made in STL)

Tech w/Tech Dre
- Amazon just announced a new device and will this be an instant hit?
- Worlds first bluetooth enabled padlock could be a hit
- Apple finally has a tool for iMessage for those who have left iOS

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Friday, November 7, 2014

Episode 73 Fragile Porcelain Podcast

Geek Headlines
- Black Friday Starting Earlier this year
- Xbox One Price Drop to $350
- No Platinum albums in 2014
- Tom Yorke from Radiohead releases new album via BitTorrent has a million downloads in 6 days
- Apple CEO explains why iPod Classic had to die

Geek TV/Movies
- Smartphone movie tickets that do not require a scanner
- Benedict Cumberbatch cast as Doctor Strange
- Finally Getting a Black Panther movie in November 2017

Geek Music Interview with Scott Randall of Fragile Porcelain Mice - they are playing at POP’s on 11/27/2014

Break Song - "Concept of Grief" by Fragile Porcelain Mice

Everything Games Everything Zen
- Rocksmith coming to Xbone & PS4 on 11/4/2014
- Sunset Overdrive 1st impressions has a 82 on Metacritc getting rave reviews!!!
- Evolve Alpha impressions by Melwheezy
Evolve alpha on PS4 delayed because of firmware 2.0

Tech w/Tech Dre
- Apple Pay already number 1 wireless payment system in 72 hours
- Certain retailers trying to shun Apple Pay in favor of a different payment system
- T-Mobile still gaining tons of subscribers will it ever slow down

End Song - "Gazoline" by H-Blockx (Theme Song to Sunset Overdrive)

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