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Monday, October 27, 2014

Episode 72 Single Player

Geekly Podcast Headlines
Playstation Experience tickets go on sale 10/24/2014
Geek TV & Movies
Avengers 2 Age of Ultron Trailer leaks
Scarlett Johansson is gonna be in Ghost in the Shell say what?
Halo Nightfall full trailer
Is Flash the best new TV Show?
Nightwing on Youtube
Powers TV Show on Playstation/PSN trailer
Geekly Podcast comic of the week -Robotech/Voltron comics on comixology
A crossover between the Robotech TV series and the similar Voltron TV show.

Break Song MC Front Alot-Ill Form the Head

Everything Games/Everything Zen

Evolve Alpha droppin next week!

Halo has a 20 gig update day one (ouch) says my hardrive

Tech with Melwheezy
Google Inbox

A real life hoverboard like from Back to the Future

Movie Laser Guns got nothing on the real thing!

Closing Song Bush -Loneliness is a killer

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Episode 71 Apple Nexus Streaming

Episode 71 Apple Nexus Streaming

Geek Headlines
- Apple leakstheir own info ahead of time to steal Googles thunder
- PS4 & Destiny dominate US Sales Charts
- University knocks tweet that Ebola is airborne

Geek TV/Movies
- HBO announces standalone streaming service to launch in 2015
- Arrow-Season 3 episode 2 “Sara”
- Agents of Shield
- Flash S1.E2 Fastest Man Alive
- Gotham S1.E4
- Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 1

Break Song - [MetalStep] Disturbed - Down With The Sickness (Ruben K Remix)

Everything Games
- What is everyone playing? Melwheezy-Destiny , Djedi-Alien Isolation
- Vault of Glass best thing about Destiny?
- Big Changes coming to PS4 2.0 firmware

DJedi1's Collectibles
- For $1000 you can cosplay Attack on Titan like a boss!
- T800 HotToys [$229.99]

Tech w/Tech Dre
- Apple announces the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3
- Apple iPad Air 2 thinnest tablet ever
- Apple releases its own Sim-card that will work with multiple carriers right out the box
- Apples fines companies who leak details about their gadgets $50 Million
- iOS 8.1 comes Monday 10/20 and will bring Apple Pay and Continuity
- Google announces Nexus 9 tablet that will start at $399
- Google announces Nexus 6 mega phone that measure 5.96 inches
- Google announces Android 5.0 Lollipop
- Google announces Nexus Player that does streaming and gaming
- Galaxy Note 4 still the best big phone on the market in specs

End Song by Argamanza "Game Of Thrones Theme Song - Dubstep Remix"

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Episode 70 GoPro Amazon Evolves

Geekly Podcast Episode 70

Geek Headlines
- Amazon to open first brick and mortar in New York
- Star Citizen raises 55 million via crowdfunding say what?
- Why you mad bro? Assassin Creed Unity downscalegate

Geek TV/Movies
- Agents of Shield recap
- Arrow Season Premiere
- Dr. Who - Kill the moon & Mummy on the Orient Express
- Extant will have a season 2
- Flash Season Premiere
- Gotham - Balloonman episode
- Nightwing on YouTube episode 2
- Z Nation - Full Metal Zombie
- Star Wars Rebels premiere James Earl Jones to voice Darth Vader

Interview - (Comic Artist) N. Steven Harris - "Artist of Ajala, Watson & Holmes and many other comics"

Break Song by - Skyblew "The Last Of Us"

Everything Games/Everything Zen
- First impressions on "Alien Isolation" by Djedi1
- Further impressions on "Middle Earth - Shadows of Mordor" by Melwheezy
- Super Smash Brothers WiiU U.S. release date confirmed
- Tablet the best way to play "Skylanders Trap Team"

Djedi1 Collectibles
- Evolve statue looks good but is it $750 good?
- NECA Master Chief figure ($119.99)

Tech w/Tech Dre
- iPad announcement to be on October 16th
- Demand for iPhone 6 Plus much higher than Apple anticipated
-Livestream GoPro action without a pc by just using an iPhone via app.
-Plastc may be the only credit card you need to carry in your wallet but it comes at a price
- Link U the home security camera that works no matter what

End Song by - Samuel Southard "Super Metroid Dubstep Remix"

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Episode 69 Return of the Geek

Geek Headlines
- Attorney General not happy about Apple and Google closing backdoor access
- Police in Dubai get Lamborghini's and Google Glass

Geek TV/Movies
- Agents of Shield
- Gotham
- Nightwing series on Youtube
- Big movie theaters teaming up against Netflix's first movie release "Crouching Tiger 2"
- Netflix is the exclusive home to four new Adam Sandler movies in 2015

Break Song - Emilio Couchee (Dubstep Remix) "One Republic - Counting Stars"

Everything Games, Everything Zen
- Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor 1st impressions - Melwheezy
- Destiny bug leaks info on a ton of DLC
- Stryder 2 coming to PSN next week
- Zwift cycling MMO to get you in shape while competing with people around the world

Tech w/Tech Dre
- Destroy Solid State Drive by texting it (mission impossible type self destruct)
- Thermal imaging adapter for iOS and Android
- New iCloud feature will help someone determine if iOS device is stolen
- Need light? Just add water

End Song - Dubstep Hippo(8 Bit Remix) "Maroon 5 - Maps"

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Episode 68 Pixel Popping with Mystic Apes

Geek Headlines

Microsoft buys Mojang for 2.5 Billion
Nintendo turned 125 on Monday 9/22/14
Surge is back exclusively on Amazon!!!!
Hot Toys gets in on the Star Wars Action figure License
Geek Tv/Movies
Agents of Shield premiere
Gotham premiere
Z-Nation first 2 episodes
Dr Who Listen & Bank Heist episodes
Pixel Pop Festival Highlights and Impressions
Interview with Austin & Sam from Mystic Game's about Private Die.
Break Song: Skrillex - First of Many EP - 08 Skrillex - Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Andy Szawsum Genregasm Re-Edit)
Everything Games Everything Zen
Changes in Destiny Update
Playstation TV out in October
Wii U Smash Brothers Controller Bundle
MasterChief possible spotted in Destiny?
Djedi1 Collectibles
Metal Gear Solid (Cardboard Box) candy [$6.00]
HotToys Han Solo and Chewbacca [$479.99 for both, orrr 229.99 for Han and 254.99 for Chewie]
Sideshow 1:6th Deadpool [$229.99]
Tech w/Tech Dre

Apple responds to all 9 phone bending complaints
Apple shows off bend tests
Consumer reports does its own bend test
Apple release iOS 8.02 after 8.01 kills cell service and touch ID on some phones
Tech Dre’s iPhone 6 Review
Verizon launching Internet TV with a la carte options in 2015

Closing song Imza - First of Many EP - 01 Andy Szawsum - MissingNo. (Pokemon Remix Opener)

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