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Monday, June 30, 2014

Melwheezy of the Geekly Podcast interviewing Lou Ferrigno @ Wizard World...

Episode 57 "Bayformers revenge of the fallen franchise"

Geek Headlines
Cop's cant get search warrants to check your phone,Bandai Japan gets the Star Wars license!
Defiance Season 2, Transformers 4 movie review.
Interview -with Ali Spagnola - By TechDre
Break Song - Transformers Franchise Rap-Up by Ali Spagnola Everything Games/Everything Zen
Why is there no Transformers console game reviews,Transformers Mobile game review,Google announced an Android powered gaming console at Google I/O emphasis on hardcore,Destiny Beta hitting Xbox'es in Late July,ShovelKnight is throwback to old school platformers,DJedi’s Collectibles Titanfall figure,HotToys 1:12 The Bat (comes with a 6” Batman) ,Master Chief Motorcycle Helmet,
Tech w/Tech Dre , Google I/O Roundup,Amazon Fire Phone Recap, Ending Song - "I Want More" by Ali Spagnola

Godzilla game is a PS3 Exclusive

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Episode 56 The game is afoot

Host: Melwheezy , (Xbox LIVE Melwheezy
(Twitter) @melwheezy
Co-host :TechDre (Twitter) @Geekly_Tech_Dre
Co-host : D_jedi1 (PSN) (Twitter) @d_jedi1

Geek TV & Comics

Watson & Holmes Comic Issue # 6 By Brandon Easton

Sherlock Holmes TV Show

Interview with Chris-Rachael Oseland about her Kickstarter Kitchen
Overlords Illustrated Geek Cookbook on Kickstarter .

Break Song-Sherlock Theme - The game is on DUBSTEP

Everything Games Everything Zen

Sherlock Holmes on next gen PS4 & XBone

New Super Mario Glitch

Watch Dog’s PC Graphics

Djedi’s Collectibles
Sideshow “Dinosauria” T-Rex





MP3 File

Sixty Second Shooter Prime Xbox One review by Melwheezy

This is a very fun geometry wars clone ,the premise is you have 60 second to get your highest score, this is great for any old school gamer who loves twin stick shooters! Nice little arcade diversion this is the answer to resogun!


Friday, June 20, 2014

Hot Diggety Dogs!!!

Do you love hot dogs and local eateries?(Stl area)  Then go back this indiegogo campaign right now!!!!
The Gorilla Mac Dog is awesome!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Kickstarter's you should back right now . #GeekLife #MobileGaming

This is the best geek cook book ive ever seen for the chef's in a all of us i got dib's on the Sherlock recipe.

 Mobile game with Nerf-like gun and darts IM SOLD!

Check out the video below of the cool peripheral they made for Fruit Ninja.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Episode 55 E=3 Coverage of E3

Host: Melwheezy , (Xbox LIVE Melwheezy
(Twitter) @melwheezy
Co-host :TechDre (Twitter) @Geekly_Tech_Dre
Co-host : D_jedi1 (PSN) (Twitter) @d_jedi1

Sony Playstation
- All the games in Sony's E3 press conference
- Shuhei Yoshida explains PS4 game delays
- Youtube coming to PS4(to post videos)

Break Song: "Infinite Lives" by Mega Ran

Microsoft Xbox One
- Games announced at Xbox E3 press conference
- Halo Master Chief Collections
- Aaron Paul turning Xbox Ones on

- Open World Zelda
- Nintendo's NFC toy game Amiibo
- Star Fox WiiU
- Mario Maker for WiiU
- Nintendo E3 highlights

Ending Song: "Game Over" by Sky Blew

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Episode 54 "Edge of Tomorrows E3"

Host: Melwheezy , (Xbox LIVE Melwheezy
(Twitter) @melwheezy
Co-host :TechDre (Twitter) @Geekly_Tech_Dre
Co-host : D_jedi1 (PSN) (Twitter) @d_jedi1

Geek Movies
- Edge of Tomorrow movie, book, graphic novel review by Melwheezy

Interview - Lorenzo Lizana (Art Director) with Lion Forge Comics

Break Song - "The Whisper Song" by Disturbing The Peace

Everything Games
- Edge of Tomorrow mobile game review
- Wolfenstein New Order review by Tech Dre
- Tetris 30th Anniversary edition coming soon
- World Cup new and games to be streamed live on Xbox One
-79% of gamers polled say they will not buy cheaper Xbox One
- Nintendo's E3 presentation leaked
- Nintendo bring much needed quick boot software update to WiiU
- First Screenshots of Madden 15 leaked

DJedi1's Collectibles
- 1:6th scale Electro from Spiderman 2
- Mass Effect N7 Leather Jacket
- Boss Fight Studio "Vitruvian HACKS" (Highly Articulated Character Kit System)

Tech w/Tech Dre
- Coverage all about iOS 8 and its reveal

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Episode 53 Who Let The Watch Dogs Out

Host: Melwheezy , (Xbox LIVE Melwheezy
(Twitter) @melwheezy
Co-host :TechDre (Twitter) @Geekly_Tech_Dre
Co-host : D_jedi1 (PSN) (Twitter) @d_jedi1

Episode 53 Who Let The Watch Dogs Out

Geek Headlines
- Edward Snowden wants to be referred to as a trained spy! Uh how about fugitive
- Ex Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer buys LA Clippers! Do the geeks truly inheret the earth?
- Glen Beck thinks Watch Dogs teaches people how to hack

Geek TV/Movies
- Top 10 Hacker movies of all time IMDB's list

Geek Comics
- Comixology giving away free comics for 20 days

Interview - Steve Altes the creator of "Geeks and Greeks" a graphic novel high tech pranks/hacks at MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Break Song - "Hackers Song Dubstep 2 by Fartboi98

Everything Games
- Watch Dogs review by Melwheezy and D_Jedi1
- Playstation E3 press conference to be live streamed in select theaters nationwide
- Lego Batman 3 "Beyond Gotham" coming this fall
- Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare coming to PS3/PS4 on August 19th
- Valve Steam machines will not be available to public until 2015

D_Jedi1's Collectibles
- Spiked Godzilla hoodie
- Watch Dogs Aiden Pearce replica jacket
- Watch Dogs Aiden Pearce ballcap
- Watch Dogs Aden Pearce scarf

Tech w/Tech Dre
- Apples WWDC keynote to be live streamed on June 2nd 10am PST
- Skype translator to let you chat with people of other languages in real time
- Google and Facebook looking to buy satellites to provide internet service
- NFL's online network NFL Now set to launch on multiple platforms

Ending Song - "Watch Dogs Theme Song (Dubstep Remix)" by DJ Pepper

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