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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Episode 52 From Fanboys to X-Men

Host: Melwheezy (Xbox Live): Melwheezy (Twitter) @ Melwheezy

Co-host: Tech Dre (PSN/Xbox Live): pfeezy (Twitter) @Geekly_Tech_dre

Co-host: D_jedi1 (PSN): D_jedi1 (Twitter) @D_jedi1

Episode 52 From Fanboys To X-Men

Geek Headlines:
-Google closing in on deal to buy Twitch for $1 Billion
-AT&T finishing up deal to buy DirecTV for $50 Billion
-Twitter to make a bid to buy Soundcloud

Geek TV/Movies
-What is the best X-men movie to date?
-Channing Tatum in talks to play Gambit
-Guardians of the Galaxy new trailer impressions

Break Song - X-Men cartoon them song (Dubstep)

Everything Games
-What is the best X-men video game ever made? our opinions
-X-Men: Battle of Atom card based game
-Wolfenstein PS4 first impressions
-PS4 already profitable after only being out for 6 months
-External hard drive support for Xbox One in upcoming update
-What Nintendo is doing right
-Is first Watch Dogs review a fake?
-Chuck E. Cheese to become Oculus Rift compatible

D_jedis's Collectibles
-Frakenstein car from death race
-Unofficial Paul Walker figurine
-X-Men 3 Wolverine

Tech w/Tech Dre
-AT&T relaunches a better Cricket Wireless
-Verizon launching XLTE
-Samsung tablet for schools

Ending Song - X-Men: Days of Future Past Soundtrack: Track #14 Hat Rescue

MP3 File

Episode 48 "Bellevegas"

Belleville the Movie premiere review and interviews with cast, director and producer including - Chris Talley, Bill Finkbiner, Jackie Manker, Aerial Hawkey, Antonio St. James, Jennifer Blomstrom, Mike Cowan, Logan Short, Margery Handy, Stacy Singh, Stephen Potter, Kate Barton, Ted Trent, Tim O'Leary, Writer and Director Dan Steadman, and Producer Drew Panico. Audio from Movie Trailer, and then a break with song by "Alpha Riff - Cinematic Life" Everything games - the exclusive games battle on mobile platforms, difference int he number of games launched between PS4 and Xbox One since launch, Decision to add 8gb of GDDR5 into PS4 was last minute, kid in hospital uses PSVita to play PS4 500 miles away, Djedi1 collectibles - 1:1 Han Solo carbonite, Batman 1:6 scale, and 1:6 Martin Luther King, Tech w/Tech Dre - you can use Google Wallet to pay for pizza from Dominos, Sprint to unlock all phones by Feb. 2015 with other major carriers to follow, Apple replacing faulty power buttons on out of warranty iPhone 5's. Closing song by "Robot DJ 6 - Melodic Centipede"

MP3 File

Episode 49 Amazing Spidey Swag

Star Wars Episode VII casting, favorite Spiderman comic series, Trimaxx #2 is out now!!!, newest episode of Arrow, Amazing Spiderman 2 Review, Spider-Man Parkour, Batman - Son of Batman review, Interview with "Caitlin Oliver" who has all time high Splatterhouse score, Break Song - Spiderman Swag by "Mr. Chocolates101, Everything games - Melwheezy's favorite Spiderman Video Game, Amazing Spiderman 2 mobile games review, Spiderman mysteriously drops day one on Xbox One even though disc based version was delayed, Price drop for PS4 possibly in play for 2015 and our thoughts, Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare leaks, Djedi1 Collectibles - HotToys 1:6th Spiderman 2 figure, HotToys Amazing Spiderman figure 1:6th scale, 3D printed replica web shooter(nonfunctional), Tech - Real life Spiderman web shooter, free service with iPhone on FreedomPop, Tech giants to reveal to you when the government is requesting your data. Closing song - "The Force Pull" by Mega Ran

MP3 File

Episode 50 Beats & Shenanigans

Geek Headlines - Dr. Dre sells Beats to Apple and becomes raps first billionaire

Geek TV & Movies - Arrow latest episode, The Tomorrow People season finale, Almost Human and other shows cancelled, The 100 renewed for a second season.

Interview - Sam and Seth from Butterscotch Shenanigans (local game developers) and games they have created include: Flop Rocket, Extreme Burger Defense, Roid Rage, Freeway Mutant, Gerblins, Quadropus Rampage, Culture Wars, Towerfight 2, and Greater Calculator.

Break Song - "Dance, Dance" by SovStep

Everything Games - Destiny most expensive game ever,Vita Slim w/Borderlands 2 an instant hit, Nintendo spends $100 million on secret acquisition, Nintendo to start making consoles for emerging markets, Nintendo making a Skylanders type game with Nintendo characters, Halo 5 to be open world.

Djedi's Collectibles - 1:6th scale R2D2 Deluxe, 1:6th Scale Jango Fett, HALO Commander Carter 1:6th scale figure

Tech w/Tech Dre - Apple gets serious about camera tech and hires one of the experts behind Nokia Pureview cameras, Target to spur nationwide overhaul of Credit Card system, and company a make-up 3D printer called Mink to the masses.

Closing Song - "Solace" by SovStep

MP3 File

Episode 51 Kinectless Godzilla

Geek Headlines
- Microsoft announces Xbox One without Kinect, shipping June 9th
- Microsoft only sells 115k Xbox Ones in April
- Starting in June, Microsoft will finally remove Xbox Live Gold paywall
- Halo 5 Guardians announced

Geek TV/Movies
- Godzilla movie review
- Arrow season finale recap
- Agents of Shield season finale recap
- HR Giger designer of "Aliens" dead at 74

Break & Song: "God Giving Sexy Back" (mashup) by Mick James

Everything Games
- What has everyone been playing
- Upcoming Games releases
- Titanfall PC patch allows players to jack framerate up to 144fps
- Borderlands "Tales from the HQ" short films now available on Youtube
- Infamous Second Son is the top selling next gen game

Djedi1's Collectibles
- 24" Godzilla figure by Jakks Pacific
- 6" Godzilla by NECA 1:700 scale
- 1:6th scale Dennis Rodman

Tech w/Tech Dre
- Smart plugs to change the way we automate our home
- Adidas letting you make Instagram shoes
- Square app bringing food and drink pre-ordering to your phone

Ending Song: "Godzilla Dubstep" by Rompers

MP3 File

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