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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Episode 40 Go Ninja , Go Ninja, GO!

Facebook buys Whatsapp , Titanfall Beta 1st impressions, Almost Human airing out of order, Walking Dead recap, Guardians of Galaxy trailer discussion, Is Titanfall & Evolve the future of multiplayer? , Rock Band producers making a musical 1st person shooter (Chroma) , Strider remake impressions, Fall Out Bird app, K Murdock aka Sound Samaurai interview, Microsoft cutting prices on Tablets, Microsofts answer to Siri is Cortana, Mobile World Congress 2014 , HTC 3/25 annoucements

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Episode 39 Clash of the Next Gen Titans

PS4 outsells Xbone in January 2 to 1, Game release date for February, Walking Dead new episode, Beware of the Batman DVD, Star Wars Clone Wars on Netflix, Comic Men celebrate 75 years of Superman, Microsoft update for Xbox One, Gearbox not making Borderland 3 at this time, Nintendo adding older games to WiiU eShop this spring, Sony trying to get Titanfall sequel to PS4, Little Mac on Super Smash Brothers, Batman collectible, Game of Thrones action figures, Nathan Drake sideshow collectible, Darth Vader 1/6th scale figure, HTC guarantee updats for 2 years on flagship phones, Chromecast new SDK, Freedom Pop 2 years cells service for $110, Play Music stream radio offline.

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Episode 38 Enders Gaming

Best selling games of 2013, Target Breach, Xbox team Tweet from Android, Playstaion Update, Playstation VR headset, Samsung rumored to be working on a console, Amazon buys Killer Instinct developer "Double Helix", Flappy Birds making $50K a day and developer is removing games from Appstore and Google Play, Interview with Joshua Coppenbarger independent film maker from St. Louis, Djedi collectibles Snake Plissken 1/6th scale figure, Walking Dead, Enders Game review, Lego Movie, Arrow, Almost Human, Agents of Shield, Google rumored to be making Nexus 8 tablet, Apple looking to higher res screens, Apple rumored to use Saphire screens this year, Apple CEO teases new products this year, Microsoft new CEO named.

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Episode 37 Bobby Ghost_Face

NSA using Angry Birds to gather data, Microsoft acquires the rights to Gears of War, white Xbox One and Halo 2 Anniversary, FACERIG discussion and Interview with Florin one of the creators of FACERIG, EVE online battle destroys $300k in real world money worth of digital spaceships, Nintendo bringing DS games to WiiU virtual console, Playstation Plus and its crazy game offerings for February, high end Batman collectibles and Ghostbusters Lego collectibles, Arrow episode this week, Spiderman 2 Superbowl trailer, Morpheus from Matrix returns, first pic of Michael Bay ninja turtles, Google and Samsung license deal, mobile coprocessors, pogoplug could storage, using your phone for hotel check ins.

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