Episode 76 Star Wars Venting

Episode 76

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Star Wars Episode 7 trailer breakdown

Geekly Podcast TV/Movies

Flash Episode 7 “Power Outage”

Gotham mid-season finale “Lovecraft”

Star Wars Rebels

Interstellar prequel comic on Wired.com
Revealed: The Lost Chapter of Interstellar

Mockingjay review propaganda,propaganda ,propaganda

Break Song - Mega Ran-Venting

Everything Games/Everything Zen

Hunger Games Panem Rising on Android/IOS

Super Smash Bro’s Wii U

When games are rushed who’s to blame?

Playstation store gets discount code feature for PS4, PS3, and PSvita.

Sony working on a new AAA Vita title, could this be another Uncharted game? Or may be it finally be a new Infamous on vita?


WhatsApp now provides end to end encryption for your messages

You can now send cash via Snap Chat

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