Episode 72 Single Player

Geekly Podcast Headlines
Playstation Experience tickets go on sale 10/24/2014
Geek TV & Movies
Avengers 2 Age of Ultron Trailer leaks
Scarlett Johansson is gonna be in Ghost in the Shell say what?
Halo Nightfall full trailer
Is Flash the best new TV Show?
Nightwing on Youtube
Powers TV Show on Playstation/PSN trailer
Geekly Podcast comic of the week -Robotech/Voltron comics on comixology
A crossover between the Robotech TV series and the similar Voltron TV show.

Break Song MC Front Alot-Ill Form the Head

Everything Games/Everything Zen

Evolve Alpha droppin next week!

Halo has a 20 gig update day one (ouch) says my hardrive

Tech with Melwheezy
Google Inbox

A real life hoverboard like from Back to the Future

Movie Laser Guns got nothing on the real thing!

Closing Song Bush -Loneliness is a killer

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