Episode 70 GoPro Amazon Evolves

Geekly Podcast Episode 70

Geek Headlines
- Amazon to open first brick and mortar in New York
- Star Citizen raises 55 million via crowdfunding say what?
- Why you mad bro? Assassin Creed Unity downscalegate

Geek TV/Movies
- Agents of Shield recap
- Arrow Season Premiere
- Dr. Who - Kill the moon & Mummy on the Orient Express
- Extant will have a season 2
- Flash Season Premiere
- Gotham - Balloonman episode
- Nightwing on YouTube episode 2
- Z Nation - Full Metal Zombie
- Star Wars Rebels premiere James Earl Jones to voice Darth Vader

Interview - (Comic Artist) N. Steven Harris - "Artist of Ajala, Watson & Holmes and many other comics"

Break Song by - Skyblew "The Last Of Us"

Everything Games/Everything Zen
- First impressions on "Alien Isolation" by Djedi1
- Further impressions on "Middle Earth - Shadows of Mordor" by Melwheezy
- Super Smash Brothers WiiU U.S. release date confirmed
- Tablet the best way to play "Skylanders Trap Team"

Djedi1 Collectibles
- Evolve statue looks good but is it $750 good?
- NECA Master Chief figure ($119.99)

Tech w/Tech Dre
- iPad announcement to be on October 16th
- Demand for iPhone 6 Plus much higher than Apple anticipated
-Livestream GoPro action without a pc by just using an iPhone via app.
-Plastc may be the only credit card you need to carry in your wallet but it comes at a price
- Link U the home security camera that works no matter what

End Song by - Samuel Southard "Super Metroid Dubstep Remix"

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