Episode 66 Dual-Shocking isnt it?

Geek Headlines
Xbox desperate much?
Robin Williams tribute now in WOW.
New Live-Action 'Destiny' Trailer Channels 'Guardians of the Galaxy
Destiny can’t be advertised for Xbone?
Star Trek Comics Humble Bundle
Geek Movies and TV
The Rock cast as Black Adam
Names to possibly cast as Shazam
Arrow Cast’s Ra’s Al Ghul but were not getting Liam Neeson
DC is now developing a SuperGirl TV show
Dr Who season first 2 episodes
Defiance Season 2 Finale
Everything Games / Everything Zen
What is everyone playing? Warframe (Xbone) , Madden 15 (PS4) Infamous Last Light (PS4) Titanfall Pilot skirmish (Xbone)

NEW TMNT Game coming soon
Minecraft now availible for PS4
61 calories per hour is all you burn playing video games
Djedi1 Collectibles
1:6th scale Aragorn (Lord of the Rings)[$150-180.. not 100% sure yet]
SpruKits model/action figures [$19.99]
Attack on Titan statue [$650.00]
Tech w/ TechDre

Rumors about next weeks incoming iPhone 6 and or possible iWatch
Apple CEO Tim Cook says new security alerts coming to iCloud
Fake Cell phone towers in plain sight

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