Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shell Shocked review

Wow i really wanted to enjoy this reboot but man did they mess it up , the first act with the little seen vigilante Turtles was kinda interesting, but i soon found out this reboot borrowed one too many retreads from the Original 1990 flick , without the heart or charm of that movie (i.e. Robocop) , the action feels a little over the top almost always (Why do the Turtle's looked steroided out Linebackers?)
The scene's that did work like the hillside in the snow , and the elevator scene's were great but that's only 2 scene's which 2 scenes a complete movie does not make. Megan Fox (April O'Neil) & Will Arnett (Vern Fernwick) definitely mailed in their performances on this one. The Shredder was a menacing BA but that was one of the few bright spots, i also thought the voice acting was solid but i didn't like Johnny Knoxville as Leonardo , definitely miscast i would have preferred Jason Bigg's even after all the twitter controversy fiasco . The only thing i can say nice is that it's not completely horrible but isn't good either too bad this is mired in mediocrity. Wait for redbox on this one.


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