Game Companion short film review

So we start out in this short film with two slacker buddy's Bob & Cecil playing a fighting video game based on a popular fictional Anime TV show, The film start's with Bob's character beating the highest level in the game  and achieving "Master" level, and then being rewarded with a "Game Companion"(Think Weird Science)  which he think's will be his eternal slave, so he then chooses Kimiko an attractive female anime character , who later proves the old adage to true be careful what you wish for.
Kimiko soon realizes things aren't what they seem , and she soon get's revenge by means of her beautiful sister "Haruka" By Mean's of the dimwitted "Cecil" who quickly releases Kimiko from Master Bob's enslavement with shockingly bad results, this is a great short film that is entertaining and teaches us all that things have to be earned in life even love. So put down the controller and get that is.

Check out the trailer on YouTube.

Stay Geeky my friends!


  1. That looks really good, where can I see it?

  2. I will post the entire film on this site when the producer gives me the ok,


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