Guardians of the Galaxy review warning there are spoilers

So we see a flashback to late 80's of a little boy in a waiting room with a Walkman listening to a mixtape from his mother who is in the next room dying from cancer. The little boy is Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) who later grows up to be the self proclaimed Star Lord , we see the boy was called into the hospital room to say goodbye to his mother she gives him a gift (which later is very important ) and offers her hand to him , but before he can take her hand she dies, he is then ushered from the room by grieving family , understandably distraught he runs from the hospital room only be abducted by a spaceship piloted by an alien Yondu (Michael Roofer) . Fast forward 30 years to the present and Peter Quill/Star Lord is free spirited wanderer,  space cowboy, womanizer  (think Han Solo only goofier) who surfs the galaxy looking for treasure to steal and turn for a profit, he stumbles onto an orb that is wanted by a bad guy named Ronin ( Lee Pace)  who wants it's to destroy and rule worlds across the galaxy, you know the usual bad guy stuff. He makes a deal with overlord major baddie Thanos (voiced by Josh Brolin) to help him destroy a planet but all Thanos wants is the rock (kinda like Kobe Bryant) , Ronan receives both of Thanos daughters Nebula (Karen Gillian) & Gamora (a sexy Zoe Saldana ) the latter  who may have ulterior motives to help him retrieve the Orb , Star Lord is captured trying to steal the powerful orb which is later revealed to be extremely powerful, The rest of the  G.O.G Team is Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper) a psychotic bio-engineered rodent with quick wit and trigger finger ,  he has most of the funny lines and scenes, Draxx the destroyer (Dave Bautista) basically a simple minded brute looking for revenge for his family's murder by the hands of Ronin , Groot (Voiced by Vin Diesel) a tree/enforcer with a lot of hurt but a limited vocabulary , these reluctant Heroes when thrown in prison together band together for the greater good of alien-kind. The whole team has their moments to shine individually, but this is easily the most funny , epic , heartwarming , movie of the year I can't wait to see Guardians 2! Good job Marvel with all that character development in two hours which  is not easy,  neither is that epic dance off. This is the Star Wars for the 21st century. Two Geek thumbs wayyyyy up !



  1. Nice Review. I didn't know Thanos was in the story.

    1. yes he is in a couple of scene's.



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