Episode 58 He-Man unsends Hieroglyph

Geek Headlines
Peter Moore says console Wars a good thing for the gaming industry .
Best games in the first half
of 2014.

Geekly Podcast Comic pick of the week.

Geek TV/Movies
Transformers ,Snowpiercer move & book review

Interview with Liran Erez creator of Snipe Kickstarter

Break Song Artist Danimal Cannon-Jean Luc

Everything Games/Everything Zen
60 second shooter review Geekly Podcast game of the week!
Transformes Dark Spark

Designer makes hdmi cable for N64
Dragonball game for NEXTGEN Anyone?
OUYA for a limited time will offer a $60 subscription like netflix of games.
EA charging for game demos on Xbox One.
Sony defends not having AAA exclusives this holiday season
DJedi’s Collectibles
Life-sized Darth Vader
He-Man Power Sword Letter Opener
She-Ra Sword of Protection Letter Opener(for
Castle Grayskull Business card holder/Letter-Opener holder
Tech w/Tech Dre

Airport security to scrutinize security checks of iPhone and Galaxy phone wielding people.
T-Mobile making hundreds of millions of dollars off of texting scam.
Goldman Sachs wants Google to "Unsend an email" and is seeking a court order

Closing Song-Artist Danimal Cannon-Roots

MP3 File


  1. Competition does indeed drive advancement. Thats why i wonder if we will truly see advancement of usefulness of the Internet , with net provider moguls having more and more of a monopoly and control of Internet services.

  2. Greed is a huge motivator Bro!

  3. The Internet will be monopolized and milked until the very end.


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