Episode 57 "Bayformers revenge of the fallen franchise"

Geek Headlines
Cop's cant get search warrants to check your phone,Bandai Japan gets the Star Wars license!
Defiance Season 2, Transformers 4 movie review.
Interview -with Ali Spagnola - By TechDre
Break Song - Transformers Franchise Rap-Up by Ali Spagnola Everything Games/Everything Zen
Why is there no Transformers console game reviews,Transformers Mobile game review,Google announced an Android powered gaming console at Google I/O emphasis on hardcore,Destiny Beta hitting Xbox'es in Late July,ShovelKnight is throwback to old school platformers,DJedi’s Collectibles Titanfall figure,HotToys 1:12 The Bat (comes with a 6” Batman) ,Master Chief Motorcycle Helmet,
Tech w/Tech Dre , Google I/O Roundup,Amazon Fire Phone Recap, Ending Song - "I Want More" by Ali Spagnola

Godzilla game is a PS3 Exclusive

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  1. Best just not to store anything illegal or super privet on ones phone. Erase text messages that may be misunderstood by others. Never purchase online through the phones browser or an app. Never check account or pay-pal balances or the like through ones phone. Always use a browser that allows the history and cookies to be completely deleted. It's just like a computer regular cleanup is mandatory. The very best one could do is not have a smart phone (if possible).

  2. Just TRY to play a "free to Play" game without spending money.

    1. yeah i agree they are fun but expensive (free to play) , until you need to start paying thanks,but for the feedback, i guess this is something people do care alot about.

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