Episode 52 From Fanboys to X-Men

Host: Melwheezy (Xbox Live): Melwheezy (Twitter) @ Melwheezy

Co-host: Tech Dre (PSN/Xbox Live): pfeezy (Twitter) @Geekly_Tech_dre

Co-host: D_jedi1 (PSN): D_jedi1 (Twitter) @D_jedi1

Episode 52 From Fanboys To X-Men

Geek Headlines:
-Google closing in on deal to buy Twitch for $1 Billion
-AT&T finishing up deal to buy DirecTV for $50 Billion
-Twitter to make a bid to buy Soundcloud

Geek TV/Movies
-What is the best X-men movie to date?
-Channing Tatum in talks to play Gambit
-Guardians of the Galaxy new trailer impressions

Break Song - X-Men cartoon them song (Dubstep)

Everything Games
-What is the best X-men video game ever made? our opinions
-X-Men: Battle of Atom card based game
-Wolfenstein PS4 first impressions
-PS4 already profitable after only being out for 6 months
-External hard drive support for Xbox One in upcoming update
-What Nintendo is doing right
-Is first Watch Dogs review a fake?
-Chuck E. Cheese to become Oculus Rift compatible

D_jedis's Collectibles
-Frakenstein car from death race
-Unofficial Paul Walker figurine
-X-Men 3 Wolverine

Tech w/Tech Dre
-AT&T relaunches a better Cricket Wireless
-Verizon launching XLTE
-Samsung tablet for schools

Ending Song - X-Men: Days of Future Past Soundtrack: Track #14 Hat Rescue

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