Episode 50 Beats & Shenanigans

Geek Headlines - Dr. Dre sells Beats to Apple and becomes raps first billionaire

Geek TV & Movies - Arrow latest episode, The Tomorrow People season finale, Almost Human and other shows cancelled, The 100 renewed for a second season.

Interview - Sam and Seth from Butterscotch Shenanigans (local game developers) and games they have created include: Flop Rocket, Extreme Burger Defense, Roid Rage, Freeway Mutant, Gerblins, Quadropus Rampage, Culture Wars, Towerfight 2, and Greater Calculator.

Break Song - "Dance, Dance" by SovStep

Everything Games - Destiny most expensive game ever,Vita Slim w/Borderlands 2 an instant hit, Nintendo spends $100 million on secret acquisition, Nintendo to start making consoles for emerging markets, Nintendo making a Skylanders type game with Nintendo characters, Halo 5 to be open world.

Djedi's Collectibles - 1:6th scale R2D2 Deluxe, 1:6th Scale Jango Fett, HALO Commander Carter 1:6th scale figure

Tech w/Tech Dre - Apple gets serious about camera tech and hires one of the experts behind Nokia Pureview cameras, Target to spur nationwide overhaul of Credit Card system, and company a make-up 3D printer called Mink to the masses.

Closing Song - "Solace" by SovStep

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