Episode 49 Amazing Spidey Swag

Star Wars Episode VII casting, favorite Spiderman comic series, Trimaxx #2 is out now!!!, newest episode of Arrow, Amazing Spiderman 2 Review, Spider-Man Parkour, Batman - Son of Batman review, Interview with "Caitlin Oliver" who has all time high Splatterhouse score, Break Song - Spiderman Swag by "Mr. Chocolates101, Everything games - Melwheezy's favorite Spiderman Video Game, Amazing Spiderman 2 mobile games review, Spiderman mysteriously drops day one on Xbox One even though disc based version was delayed, Price drop for PS4 possibly in play for 2015 and our thoughts, Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare leaks, Djedi1 Collectibles - HotToys 1:6th Spiderman 2 figure, HotToys Amazing Spiderman figure 1:6th scale, 3D printed replica web shooter(nonfunctional), Tech - Real life Spiderman web shooter, free service with iPhone on FreedomPop, Tech giants to reveal to you when the government is requesting your data. Closing song - "The Force Pull" by Mega Ran

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