Episode 48 "Bellevegas"

Belleville the Movie premiere review and interviews with cast, director and producer including - Chris Talley, Bill Finkbiner, Jackie Manker, Aerial Hawkey, Antonio St. James, Jennifer Blomstrom, Mike Cowan, Logan Short, Margery Handy, Stacy Singh, Stephen Potter, Kate Barton, Ted Trent, Tim O'Leary, Writer and Director Dan Steadman, and Producer Drew Panico. Audio from Movie Trailer, and then a break with song by "Alpha Riff - Cinematic Life" Everything games - the exclusive games battle on mobile platforms, difference int he number of games launched between PS4 and Xbox One since launch, Decision to add 8gb of GDDR5 into PS4 was last minute, kid in hospital uses PSVita to play PS4 500 miles away, Djedi1 collectibles - 1:1 Han Solo carbonite, Batman 1:6 scale, and 1:6 Martin Luther King, Tech w/Tech Dre - you can use Google Wallet to pay for pizza from Dominos, Sprint to unlock all phones by Feb. 2015 with other major carriers to follow, Apple replacing faulty power buttons on out of warranty iPhone 5's. Closing song by "Robot DJ 6 - Melodic Centipede"

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