Episode 47 100 Evolve Tomorrow

Xbox One update, Last of Us remastered release date, PS4 sells over 7 million, Agents of Shield, Arrow, The 100, The Tomorrow People, Lego Movie release date,Interview with DJKILLZOWN JONES about PAX EAST , Break song by Mega Ran & Phil Harmonix - "The Returners" Evolve at PAX, Halo/Destiny composer fired by Bungie, Snoop Dogg's voice on Call of Duty Ghosts, DLC Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, Trials Fusion PS4, Djedi Collectibles - Bioshock Infinite pins,1:6th scale Sub Zero, 1:1 scale Enders Game blaster, Google beats Facebook to acquisition of drone maker, Apple baking Shazam into iOS 8, Intel losing billions of dollars to tablets and smartphones. End song by Robot DJ 6 - "Peacefully Desolate Space"


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