Episode 46 Agent Claptraps Heartbleed

Heartbleed bug, Amazon acquires comixology, Anime STL impressions, Agents of Shield, The Tomorrow People, Interview with Brian Atkins artist for Gargoyle comic for Moonrise Comics, Break music by Robot DJ 6 - Never Surrender, Sony leaks remastered Last of Us on its own PSN Store, MLB 14 the Show looks amazing on PS4, Borderlands Pre-Sequel, Smash Brothers 3DS and WiiU info, Djedi1 collectibles - Legend of Zelda/Pokemon Monopoly, 1:8th scale Mikasa Ackerman(Attack on Titan) statue, Godzilla 95 version 19" tall statue, Rumors on new Apple TV, Google protecting you from apps you already installed, Sprint to partner with Spotify to bring reduced subscription prices. Closing song by local Indie Artist "Stephen Froyler" -60 Minutes, 60 Seconds.

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