Episode 44 Infamous Oculus Swag

Facebook buys Oculus Rift, AT&T vs Netflix net neutrality issue, Walking Dead recap, Arrow recap - Birds of Prey, Hercules Trailer, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trailer, Interview with Alpha Riff - Superhero Swag by Alpha Riff played at break, Infamous Second Son Review - Tech Dre and Melwheezy impressions after finishing game, Prominent developers first impressions of Infamous Second Son, Sony to bring support for PS1 and PS2 to the PS4 in future update, Indie devs confirm that Sony is the real deal when working on Indie games, Chainsaw Incident coming to PS4 and not Xbox One and developer explains why, Microsoft is slowly bringing back policies that they had once canned that no one liked for the Xbox One, Djedi1 collectibles - Simpsons Lego, Star Wars X-Fighter Model, William Shakspeares "The Empire Striketh Back", Firechat iOS app that allows you to chat with no reception, Android becoming business friendly with next version, will Amazon announce streaming device on April 2nd, Microsoft launches MS Office on iPad

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