Episode 41 Plants vs Drones, Titans, Robots

Xbox One Twitch broadcasting, Amazon and USPS gear up for Sunday delivery in St. Louis, we spend more time surfing on smartphones than pc's, Geek TV newest episodes of Arrow, Walking Dead, Almost Human, Gotham Batman show has a cast, new Transformers Trailer, Last of Us Movie, Belleville The Movie - Interview with Director/Writer Dan Steadman, Dead Nation Apocolypse review, Strider remake impressions, Plants vs Zombie - Garden Warfare impressions, Metal Gear Solid V $29.99 on Amazon Preorder, Playstation Plus games for March, Titanfall Special Edition, Nintendo Shutting down Online Gaming for the Wii, Mega Man creator collaborating on Azure Striker : Gunvolt, Sony CEO of SCEA steps down, Djedi Collectibles Robocop, Ed 209, Michael Jordan 1:6th scale, Street Legal Batman Tumbler, Inception Board Game, Tech - Samsung Galaxy S5, 3 new Samsung Smartwatches, Sony Experia Z2 Tablet, Facebook looking to put drones in the sky.

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