Agent of Shields review by Melwheezy

Well episode one of Agents of Shield is in the books, more or less a setup of the new character for this Avenger's "Shield" spinoff and, if you did not know what that stands for Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division. We start out with a black father, (Michael Peterson) and his son outside of comic book/toy store and the son looks at toys his unemployed father can not buy him, but we soon see this is not a typical everyday brother this is a Dad we soon see has abilities, as the result of experiments with alien tech gamma radiation and jitari stuff left over from the "Avengers" we soon cut to Shield's secret locale and see that Agent (Phil) Coulson is still alive after his unfortunate run-in with that dude Loki, but he is still alive i'm gonna call it right now this dude is possibly a clone of the original Agent Coulson whom i think may or may not have some super powered abilities this go around. Then we have the Black Ops agent (who is a generic caricature) Agent Mays a former Op and a couple of brit chemist/scientists, and finally a computer hacker (Sky) who reluctantly joins Shield, no spoilers here, but i'm really surprised the Brother did not get killed, i mean don't they always kill the black dudes first ? Well they stay away from that played out trope! There was a few funny lines like the one used on Sky describing her as Cosplay fan girl hanging outside of Starks tower, but all in all a good kick off episode action was tight and well choreographed and special fx were decent i give the first episode a solid B+! Remember do not touch Lola!

Melwheezy out Geek Nation!


  1. One MINOR critique, it's "Chitauri", not "Jitari".
    Beyond that, great review and I'd have to agree with the overall opinion and grade.
    My wife thought it was boring but as I told her, this is the "getting the group together" stage and bound to move a little bit slow.


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