The Wolverine Movie Review

Finally saw the new for Xmen  Commercial aka "The Wolverine"(sarcasm) it was a great drama that featured one my favorite Xmen "Wolverine". Hugh Jackman really embodied this character well in TW .It was a movie heavy on drama lighter on action, but the action was mostly rooted in realism , except for the over the top bullet train scene kinda unreal, but even with that blemish this is a great Wolverine movie much better than Xmen Origins from 09, not really one for the kiddies though a lil on the violent side, but i did love the whole ronin/samaurai storyline going on here , and the fact that it seemed that Logan aka Wolvie was ready to be put out of his misery , was far from the truth, the special fx , was great but overall a sold drama set in Japan , and make sure you stay tuned for the after the credits scene , overall alot to sink your claws in i give it ***1/2 out of five asterisks
Melwheezy out!


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