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Soundcloud December Webisode we will be back on 1/6/14 on Itunes!

BATMAN VS SUPERMAN Who is your fave?

The Hobbit Thug Notes stylez good movie & book

Geekly Hiatus

My newest addiction on Netflix "VOLTRON FORCE"

Episode 32 Imagine Dragons

A little thank you email for my contributions to Extra Life can't wait to do it again in 2014!-Melwheezy

Episode 31 Rise of the Drones

Geekly Podcast Webisode "The Sounds of Winter"

Episode 30 Black Friday 2 Fast 2 Furious

Episode 29 Xbox Out On A Fringe

Episode 28 Failure To Launch

Episode 27 PS4 To Buy or Not To Buy?

Steam Game give away

Battlefield 4 on PS4 Unboxing

Episode 26 - 99 Problems but a Cloud ain't One


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#OUYA UNBOXING REPOST Webisode with Tisha Sherdan & Bernie Evans

Episode 25 Taste Buds

Batman Arkham Origins is out & I love this series, whose getting this?

Im sorry guys but Xbox One is beating PS4 in the Ad's dept see for yourself

Extra Life Promo 2013

Extra Life Charity

Episode 24 My_Space

Episode 23 Coming down Geekly Roundup

Great way to troll on your hipster IPhone toting friends.....

This how i dance in public......-Melwheezy

Episode 22 I always feel like Xbox is watching meee!!!

Who is getting the new Note 3?

Episode 21 What Does The Steam Say?

Agent of Shields review by Melwheezy

Episode 20-Throwback Gaming

GTA V Review By Sherif B.

Episode 19-Happiness is a warm controller

Episode 18 iPhone Techisode

Episode 17 KILL YOUR TV

Episode 16

Episode 15

Episode 14 Featured Artist "DJ Melo Hielo

Episode 14

Episode 13

Featured ARTIST from episode 11 Steve Ewing in case you were wondering

Song featured on episode 12 Swedish House Mafa-One your name

Check out the first edition of The Geekie Awards tonight on Ustream!

Episode 12

Episode 11

Episode 10

Episode 9

Episode 08

The Wolverine Movie Review

The Wolverine


Episode 7

Video Game review: The Last of Us

20 weirdest Video Game Weapons

Geekly Podcast Web Teaser Episode UNO

Geekly Podcast episode 2.0

Episode 3 Killer E3!

Geekweek4 E3 Wrapup!

"A good death is its own reward."

Geekly Podcast Radio Episode 6