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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Episode 141 " The Return of TechDre"

Geek Headlines It is now a federal crime to bring a Galaxy Note 7 on a flight Alex Trebek vs NERDCORE! GEEK TV Luke Cage Netflix’s price hike didn't hurt subscriber growth ( YouTube red is getting serious with a new Rock show with Doug Liman Everything Games Everything Zen Whats everybody been playing? Destiny Rise of Iron , The Division briefly raid is still brutally hard for no good reason , Madden 17 , Peggle Blast on mobile on level 43 PSVR Launch Xbox One S (impressions by Melwheezy) Snappier dashboard, faster initial loading time , audio jack on controller Red Dead Redemption sequel coming? Cuphead Delayed to mid 2017! Super Mario Run up to 20 million notifications Video Game voice actors going on strike on 10/21st New River City Ransom password discovered after 27 years Geekly Podcast - Episode 141 " The Return of TechDre "

Monday, October 17, 2016

Episode 140 "Star Trek Wars"

@melwheezy @djedi1 Geek Headlines Batman takes on the clowns! Samsung ships fireproof boxes & gloves to send galaxy note 7’s back Geek TV Luke Cage season breakdown “It's Like Christmas” Teaser for Iron Fist Sigourney Weaver to be main baddie in “Defenders” but who will she play? Alien 5 to pretend 3 & 4 did’nt happen My favorite new show “Lethal Weapon” who knew? Voltron Legendary Defender season 2 coming to Netflix on 1/20/2017 Everything Games/Everything Zen What’s everyone been playing? October’s game release calendar Playstation VR coming 10/13th! Nintendo NX may be called this DJedi’s Collectibles HR Giger action figure [124.99] ^^Deluxe edition with Alien head [137.99] Shredder [219.99] Kirk (and Spock) [each 179.99] (spock)
Geekly Podcast - Episode 140

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Episode 136 Stay Geeky & Prosper

Geekly Podcast - Episode 136 Stay Geeky & Prosper Geek Headlines Happy 50th Anniversary to Star Trek Galaxy Note 7 totals a Jeep in Florida Mel Gibson calls Batman V Superman a piece of BLEEP (Who is Mel Gibson again?) Geek TV/Movies Joe Manganiello is officially Deathstroke in the DCU Steve Rogers is Captain America no more ? Transformers Combiner Wars on Go90 has gotten really good! Animated Indiana Jones movie coming 9/29th Commercial Break sponsored by Slackers CD's & Game your one stop shop for all your Geeky Needs! Everything Games Everything Zen What's everybody been playing? Star Trek Online first impressions pretty cool Mass Effect lite with a ton of bugs. Rocket League Rumble mode first impressions (Melwheezy) Sony will not allow Mods for Fallout 4 or Skyrim on PS4? PS4 Pro thumbs up or down guys? Modder has made Super Mario Run 64 is this genius or trolling ? NES Emulator to hit Xbox One in the next few days First Super Mario Go now they may be bringing Amiibo support to mobile phones ? Whats games are we looking forward to?

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Episode 135 "Mario to Heman"

Geekly Podcast - Episode 135 "Mario to He-man" @melwheezy & @newotakuman5000 break down all the trending gaming & geek news! Email Geek Headlines Russian YouTuber arrested for playing PokeMon Go in a Church IPhone 7 is here! Super Mario Run coming to IPhone in December! Introducing the PS4 Pro! Geek TV James Bond star reported to be offered $150 million to do 2 more films.... HE-MAN's first new episode in 20 years available on Vimeo its called "The Curse & 3 Terrors" Everything Games Everything Zen Destiny DLC coming 9/20 cant wait! Sony said to be aggressively pushing into mobile gaming market Axiom Verge now on WiiU is it too late? Star Trek online is live now on PS4 or Xbox! EVE ONLINE TO GO FREE IN NOVEMBER Firewatch coming to Xbox One on 9/21 with bonus modes i know PS4 owners are bull crap man!