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Episode 184 "Never Go Full Nintendo"

Black Friday Haul what you get? Justice League what you think? Who should play Batman after Batfleck? Bungie Changes Destiny 2 XP System After Players Discover It Was Rigged…s-discov-1820728952 Hawaii is investigating EA for predatory practices in Battlefront 2…other-companies Rainway app dev gets Cuphead running on a switch…intendo_switch What has everybody been playing? TOP 5 GAMES OF 2017 TOP ANTICIPATED GAMES OF 2018 - ANTHEM - SPIDER-MAN BY INSOMNIAC GAMES - METROID PRIME 4 - MONSTER HUNTER WORLD - HALO 6 Ending song by MegaRan "Put your Cups Up (Cuphead Rap) Check out his patreon

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